Huge CyberAttack Ransomware “Blackcat” Targets US Pharmacies

Large-scale US pharmacy outage triggered by ‘Blackcat’ ransomware at UnitedHealth unit, sources say

Massive U.S. cyberattack clogs New York pharmacy prescriptions

The New York Department of Health is monitoring a massive cyberattack that downed a health care company responsible for processing prescriptions.

Change Healthcare, a claims and payment company that is a division of the large health care conglomerate United Health, was downed Wednesday and has remained offline since, according to the latest updates Friday from UnitedHealth.

Authorities have not been able to gauge the full extent of the disruption. During the downtime, pharmacies resorted back to a manual prescription system.

That organization told the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in a memo on Thursday that the company believed a “nation-state associated cybersecurity threat actor” was behind the attack.

The attacks are not confirmed to be from a single source yet, but updates are ongoing.

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