Jacob Rothschild, British Banker and Philanthropist, Patriarch of the Rothschild Family, Dies at 87

Lord Jacob Rothschild, a prominent member of the Rothchild family’s banking dynasty has died at 87.

As one of the patriarchs of the Rothschild banking dynasty, Jacob Rothschild was a British financier and philanthropist.

During his life, Jacob Rothschild wielded immense power in the spheres of finance and philanthropy, and has left a lasting impression on the world.

The Rothschild Foundation, a charitable group, announced his death on Monday.

Rothschild, a fixture of London’s financial industry, battled with family members over the future of the Rothschild’s banking businesses for the last few years.

His family described him as “a towering presence in many peoples’ lives” in a statement provided to the UK Press Association. They went on to call him “a superbly accomplished financier, a champion of the arts and culture, a devoted public servant, a passionate supporter of charitable causes in Israel and Jewish culture, a keen environmentalist and much-loved friend, father and grandfather.”

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