European Governments Are Suggesting Citizens to Stockpile Prescription Drugs

European Governments Fear Prescription Drug Shortages – Urge Stockpiling

The question of whether or not you should be prepared for prescription drug shortages is not an issue that has received much coverage here in the U.S., nor is it an issue the Biden administration seems at all concerned about. 

In Europe, however, the issue is not just getting attention from the media, some European governments are actually encouraging citizens to stockpile prescription drugs. From Politico’s Europe edition,

Adverts across Sweden tell patients with chronic diseases to make sure they have at least a month’s supply of medicines at home. “Self-preparedness is part of society’s work to secure patients’ access to medicines,” the country’sBoard of Health and Welfare states online.

The campaign is part of Sweden’s bid to prevent a repeat of the dangerous drug shortages faced across Europe last winter.

And it’s not just in Sweden,

Germany, for example, has imposed mandatory stockpiles of at least six months’ supplies of drugs for all manufacturers 

Europeans are Rightfully Concernced about Shortages

European leaders are doing more than just responding to a hypothetical crisis, they are acting after the continent faced massive drug shortages last winter.

European consumers, like American consumers, are reliant on a pharmaceutical supply chain that has been almost entirely taken over by the Chinese.

As Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) pointed out in a report back in 2019, pre-COVID, 

Chinese policymakers aim to make China’s domestic biotechnology industry the medicine cabinet of the world. To a large extent, they have already succeeded in achieving dominance in the lower end of the pharmaceutical and medical technology value chain. 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) of drugs in the American market come from overseas, primarily from China and India. In older drugs with low profit margins, Chinese drugmakers have often taken over production entirely from Western companies. Chinese manufacturers are already the sole suppliers of many API and lower-end drugs. 

Since COVID, this reliance on China for prescription drugs has only gotten worse – and as tensions escalate between the US and China, the possibility that the Chinese use this leverage to their advantage becomes more and more concerning:

Experts suggest that the growth of the US and China pharmaceutical trade poses a serious risk as the adversarial relationship could result in supply chain closures. It’s not unrealistic that pharmaceuticals could be used as a weapon in a trade war, as was suggested in past Chinese strategic talks. Additionally, the FDA has less oversight over Chinese facilities, which generates questions about the safety of foreign manufacturers.

How Do You Protect Against Prescription Drug Shortages? BE PREPARED!

So if our leaders won’t step up and break China’s stranglehold on prescription drugs, what can individuals do to stay safe and healthy? The solution is to be prepared. That’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

The Wellness Company and its great doctors – like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Drew, Dr. Harvey Risch, and Dr. Jim Thorp – are regularly in the media fighting against the broken medical establishment.

Dr. Thorp, one of the nation’s leading critics of corrupt Big Pharma, believes that now – more than ever – people should be prepared for the next pandemic:

 “I’ve strongly recommended “stockpiling” critical medications including antibiotics since the turn of the century. This has been an incredible investment as many friends, family, and patients have benefited. Now, in the winter of 2024, this recommendation is even more crucial.”

The Wellness Company and their doctors are medical professionals that you can trust and their new medical emergency kits are the gold standard when it comes to keeping you safe and healthy.

The ultimate safeguard for your health.

Be ready for the next crisis. This medical emergency kit contains an assortment of life-saving medications – including ivermectin, amoxicillin, and Z-pak. The Medical Emergency Kit includes a guidebook to aid in the safe use of these life-saving medications.

This kit is prescription-only – you can’t find it in any store or pharmacy. Simply fill out a short questionnaire after purchase and a trusted Wellness Company doctor will confirm your suitability and issue your prescription Medical Emergency Kit.

The Wellness Company Medical Emergency Kit includes: 

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Don’t be caught unprepared for whatever the WEF has in mind. Don’t be reliant on the broken and corrupt medical-industrial complex. Don’t regret not acting today.

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